Here we go...

Saturday May 20th: Hawaii (Oahu): The First Contact.
Sunday May 21st: Hawaii (Oahu): Diamond Head.
Monday May 22nd: Hawaii (Maui): Road Trip.
Tuesday May 23rd: Hawaii (Maui): Around Hana.
Wednesday May 24th: Hawaii (Maui): Living in Hana.
Thursday May 25th: Hawaii (Maui): Circling around Haleakala National Park.
Friday May 26th: Hawaii (Maui): Hamoa Beach.
Saturday May 27th: Hawaii (Maui): Being on the Web.
Sunday May 28th-Monday May 29th: from Hawaii to Tokyo: A Blast for your Mind.
Tuesday May 30th: Japan (Tokyo): A Surreal Experience.
Wednesday May 31st: Japan (Tokyo): Shibuya: l'Empire des Nains.
Thursday June 1st: Japan (Tokyo): Buddha is in the Details.
Friday June 2nd: Japan (Tokyo): The Land of the Rising Sony.
Saturday June 3rd: Japan (Kyoto): Better Know Where You Go.
Sunday June 4th: Japan (Kyoto): Temple Surfing.
Monday June 5th: Japan (Kyoto): More Temples.
Tuesday June 6th: Japan (Kyoto): Yet More Temples.
Wednesday June 7th: Japan (Kyoto): Shrines for a Change.
Thursday June 8th: Japan (Kyoto): The Last Temple.
Friday June 9th: Japan (Tokyo): Sayonara.
Saturday June 10th: From Tokyo to Bali: Some Plane Ride.
Sunday June 11th: Bali: Chill With Ku.
Monday June 12th: Bali: General Overview.
Tuesday June 13th: Bali: Ulu Watu.
Wednesday June 14th: Bali: Inside the Beach Party with Alex.
Thursday June 15th: Bali: The Soft Adventure.
Friday June 16th: Bali: Art Deals.
Saturday June 17th: Bali: The Asmat Shield.
Sunday June 18th: Bali: This is It.
Monday June 19th: Monaco: The Day After.
Tuesday June 20th: Monaco: Back in Business.
Wednesday June 21th: Monaco: La Fete de la Musique.
Friday June 23rd: Beaulieu: Morey Boogie.
Sunday June 25th: Nice: On the Promenade des Anglais.
Monday June 26th: Villefranche: La Rade.
Tuesday June 27th: Gorbio: No Sunset.
Wednesday June 28th: Coaraze: Canyonning.
Thursday June 29th: Nice: Nice-Etoile.
Friday June 30th: Monaco: The Parady'z.
Saturday July 1st: Nice: Shopping for our Bicycle Raid.
Sunday July 2nd: Monaco: Dinner With the Captain.
Monday July 3rd: Monaco: The Michelin tire.
Tuesday July 4th: Monaco: Piero's Jet-Lag.
Wednesday July 5th: Monaco: Pierre, Anne and I at Sass.
Thursday July 6th: Nice: The Fridge and the Vaccum.
Friday July 7th: Rocamadour: A Nice Flight.
Saturday July 8th: Rocamadour: Wedding Day.
Sunday July 9th: Rocamadour: "The Right Stuff."
Monday July 10th: Hossegor: Kite Session.
Tuesday July 11th: St Jean de Luz: No Wave.
Wednesday July 12th: Guethary: Here We Go.
Thursday July 13th: Bayonne: Ham Sandwiches.
Friday July 14th: Biarritz-Monaco: 950 km by car.
Saturday July 15th: Cap d'Ail: Space Travel.
Sunday July 16th: Nice: La Rotonde.
Monday July 17th: Monaco: Lunch at the Yacht Club.
Tuesday July 18th: Nice: Lait coco chez Charlie.
Thursday July 20th: Ibiza: Flower Power at Pacha.
Friday July 21th: Ibiza: Cafe del Mar.
Saturday July 22th: Ibiza: Uruguayian BBQ.
Sunday July 23th: Ibiza: Magical Atlantis.
Monday July 24th: Ibiza: The Old Town.
Tuesday July 25th: Ibiza: The Boat to Denia.
Wednesday July 26th: Cullera: Outsiders in a Beach Resort.
Thursday July 27th: Sagunto: "No Sleep Til'..."
Friday July 28th: Benicasim: Good Shape.
Saturday July 29th: Salou: BofTime.
Sunday July 30th: Torredembarra: Inside Calalunya.
Monday July 31st: Coma Ruga: A 20 hours rest.
Tuesday August 1st: Barcelona: Last Day of the Ride.
Wednesday August 2nd: Monaco: "Made in England" at Nouvion's.
Thursday August 3rd: Monaco: Cartier Cocktail Party.
Friday August 4th: La Bastide Vieille: "The Sound of Silence."
Saturday August 5th: La Bastide Vieille: "The Sound of Silence."
Sunday August 6th: La Bastide Vieille: La Petanque.
Monday August 7th: La Bastide Vieille: My Favorite Spot.
Tuesday August 8th: Monaco: Dejeuner avec Speed.
Wednesday August 9th: St Laurent du Var: Commander's Move.
Thursday August 10th: Col de Vence: Goa Trance.
Friday August 11th: Monaco: A Deep Chill.
Saturday August 12th: Grasse: Physical Meeting With Jan.
Sunday August 13th: Monaco: Hanging Out With Pictures.
Monday August 14th: Monaco: The Aquarama Salon.
Tuesday August 15th: Monaco: On Marc's Boat.
Wednesday August 16th: Monaco: Alex, Xoon and Carol for Dinner.
Thursday August 17th: Monaco: Jan and Sisi for Dinner.
Friday August 18th: Monaco: The Jimmy'z.
Saturday August 19th: Beaulieu: Cartier's Dinner Party.
Sunday August 20th: Monaco: My Study's Ceiling.
Monday August 21st: Monaco: Television.
Tuesday August 22nd: Monaco: Lunch at Capocaccia.
Wednesday August 23rd: Nice: Rollerblade With Speed.
Thursday August 24th: St Laurent: Dialog With The Commander.
Friday August 25th: Cap d'Ail: On The Porch.
Saturday August 26th: New York: Life Goes On And On...