Monday July 24th, 1995
Ibiza: The Old Town.

As far as I can see and hear
the "Balearic Beat" is not in good shape.
Clubs mostly spin heavy English house.

It's a good thing that the Goa Trance listeners that we are
brought some CDs with us.
Here is the music that made our private nights.

Blue Moon Released, Vol.1
Outside the reactor

Dragonfly presents
A Voyage Into Trance
mixed by Paul Oakenfold
(This is one long mix of a selection of the tracks
of the first two Dragonfly CDs).

Banco de Gaia
Last Train to Lahsa
(Planet Dog Records)
BARKCD 011 (Especially "Kincajou (duck! asteroid)"
on the terrace under the stars).

I found a great book on the history
of the night club Pacha
on the shelves of our rented villa.

URGELL, Ricardo (editor)
El Baile: Pacha 66-93
Barcelona: Nube, S.A., 1993.

Reading it I understood that Pacha was more than a night club.
It is a Spanish institution.

We visited Ibiza's old town before sunset.
It is said to be a dangerous part of the town
due to its communnity of gitanos.

The old town is on a hill topped by a castel
which is being renovated.
It is very white and peaceful
And offers a general view of the port.

Albert and Xoon are pointing in the direction of Pacha.

Later, we finally meet with Hugo.
He seems to be OK after five days of hospital
for a motorcycle accident last Tuesday morning
when he left Manumission.

Tonight Xoon and I are the only one to go to Ku for Manumission 6.
The club itself is more impressive
than the party organized by the English guys.

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