Wednesday May 24th, 1995
Hawaii (Maui): Living in Hana.

Last night we wanted to go to a different restaurant
than the one we went to the night before.
We were told with a smile that
the first restaurant that we would find
on the road to Kahului
was at two hour drive from Hana
and if we decided to take the opposite direction
we simply would not find any.

So we went to the grocery store
--a short, very quiet walk--
to purchase bread, ham and cheese.

I was struck by a sudden need for jewelry
when I saw the fishing accessories in the store.
I purchased a few different weights
and several pairs of shoestrings
and I rushed back to the bungalow
to create some fashion statement-makers.

My favorite is a #7 weight with a 52" white shoestring.

But now I'm asking:
"Is it OK to wear lead close to my skin all the time?"

Today I sculpted "Double Negative: Enter the Dragon."

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