Wednesday June 28th, 1995
Coaraze: Canyonning.

I picked-up Jean-Denis at 9:00 am.
Speed and Xoon joined us ten minutes later.
We took two cars so we could leave one
at the end of the "canyon"
and go uphill with the other.

Coaraze is a small village about 20 miles north of Nice.
The canyonning spot
is 10 minutes away (by foot) from the road.
Wearing diver's winter wet suits
and sport shoes
we walk/swim/jump down the small river.

First, walking and swimming in a river
is a little disturbing.
Then it becomes pleasing and I begin to look at the countryside.
Even though many people have used this path before
the four of us share impressions
of discovery and adventure.

Erosion gave very organic shapes to the valley
and the difficulty of some parts of this two hours trip
establishes a dialog with the sublimity of some of these curves.

Our parents and culture usually tell us
not to wet our feet and trousers.
Canyonning releaves its adepts from this now strange habit.

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