Friday June 30th, 1995
Monaco: The Parady'z.

The Parady'z is the kind of place
that everyone complains about
but to which people keep going.

When you've been an insider in Monaco for a while
there are great chances that you'll find
a few of your fellow insiders there.

Monaco's insiders are often not Monegasque.
They're likely to have lived in Monaco for a few years
at a certain point of their lives
and now they study, work or play in other parts of the world.
But they often come back here to show off and chill out.

And it is difficult for an outsider to understand
that showing off doesn't have to be a bad thing
and can actually be quite a sporting activity
if you play by the group's rules.

From left to right:
Biboin (Turkey), Vanessa (England), Anne (NYC), Paul (all over Europe) and Poly (England, Texas).


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