Sunday May 28th/Monday May 29th, 1995
from Hawaii to Tokyo: A Blast for your Mind.

These were the shortest days of my life.
We left Honolulu on Sunday at 1:15 pm
and arrived in Tokyo on Monday around 4:00 pm
after an eight hour flight.
Sunday afternoon and Monday morning did not exist for us.
Our Monday May, 29th actually lasted only eight hours!

It is hard to imagine all the consequences that
this could have.
One of the first that I could think of
is that my friends of the western part of the world
will be reading this log as if it was a report from the future.
This is better than real time!

Japan is a different cup of green tea.
One of our first impressions
was a Total Recall-feel in a train shuttle
between Narita airport terminals.
A soft icy voice welcomed us and kept giving us info
on a wide variety of subjects
ranging from where to go to declare firearms
to the last big arrest in Tokyo.

Here animated billboards show traffic reports visually (without words).
This is an example of the advantage of images on words.
The busy highways are colored in red
so drivers can instantly visualize the most efficient way.

Like always when--ironically--travelling west
we are very tired and fall asleep around 7:00 pm.

And big trucks have three green lights above the windshield.

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