Wednesday July 12th, 1995
Guethary: Here We Go.

The village of Guethary,
just south of Biarritz,
is charming.

The local urban designers
really know what they are doing.

We have breakfast at a three roads corner
right at the center of Guethary
where every little house is painted in white
with different dark colors,
mainly red, blue and green,
on the wainscotting of each house.

It is now bodyboarding time on the beach of Bidart.
The spot today is right below
the hotel Villa l'Arche
of which you see the wall on the above gif.
The wave are not very "clean"
but for my surfing level
it's quite good.

After a good four hours of adrenaline
we have lunch in a little restaurant
above a little port in Guethary.
And it is around 3:00 pm
that Xoon made us realize
that we were "encagnarde a Bidart"
(surrounded by the sun in slang that he had just invented).

Et c'est apres avoir realise
que nous etions encagnarde a Bidart
que nous avous perdu le controle.
(And it is after having realized
that we were the hostages of the sun in Bidart
that we lost control of ourselves.)

From there we drove to Cambo-les-Bains
to find some fresh air and cool water.
All we managed to do is amuse Gaia (Albert's dog)
who really enjoyed his swim in the Nive (the river at Cambo).

De la nous avons continue a degringoler dans la perte de controle
et avons decouvert le Paradis sous la forme du lac Alain Cami
plus communement connu sous le nom de Lac de St. Pee-sur-Nivelle.
(Then we kept losing control
and discovered the Paradise under the appearance of the Lake Alain Cami
better known as the Lake of St. Pee-sur-Nivelle.)

"Pee" is pronounced like pet in french which means fart.
At the time we thought this was funny.
I understand that it is the kind of joke that needs a context
and I am trying here to create a meta-joke
hoping that you'll find funny
that we thought this was funny.


At night on the "fronton" (the chistera court) of Guethary
we enjoyed a very spectacular match between Guethary and Hossegor.
Believe it or not, after every score announcement
the referee shouted "Allez Guethary!" (go Guethary!).

Dogs seem to be welcome on the chistera court.
Instead of trying to get rid of a big dog
that decided to take part in the game
the same referee shouted with a strong accent:
"Didier don't bite the dog!"

We went to sleep under our tents exhausted.

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