Tuesday June 6th, 1995
Japan (Kyoto): Yet More Temples.

Higashihonganji is the biggest temple we visited so far.

As in other temples,
at the top of the huge wooden columns,
just under the roof,
some sides of the intricate architectural designs
are painted in white.
This detail animates the ceiling which otherwise
would be very dark.

Unlike the Christian churches
these temples are very comfortable.

This is due in large part to the tatami floor
and to its smell of straw.
Walking bare foot in those sacred places
also adds to this sensation.

After visiting Higashihonganji and Nishihonganji temples
we went back to the Kawaramachi area, a good place to discover typical shops
in which we found Japanese visual arts tools
and some very fine boxes of which Anne is very found of.

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