Friday June 9th, 1995
Japan (Tokyo): Shibuya Hunt.

Our second Shinkansen trip
(from Kyoto to Tokyo this time)
was even smoother than the first one.

This high-speed train that links Osaka to Tokyo
at the frequency of the busiest subway trains in NYC
is filled with innovative features.
The rotative seats
which enable all of the passengers
to always be sitting facing the destination place
was the last one we discovered.

As we arrived in Tokyo we ran to Shibuya
for a last rush.

Parco's Part3 is the home of many Japanese designers
who use incorrect French sentences as trademarks.
"Pour la frime ainee"--for the show elder(!!!!!)--
is the most hilarious instance of this habit.

We were lucky enough to be in the heart of Shibuya
when the rain started.
The ambience was as tight as in "Blade Runner";
it was my first--transparent--umbrella traffic jam.

Returned to "Nanbantei" for yakitori in Roppongi.

From the twenty first floor of the Grand Palace Hotel in Kudanshita
Tokyo is the night scene of a tormented sea
in which each wave is topped with a red light.

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