Wednesday August 2nd, 1995
Monaco: "Made in England" at Nouvion's.

My train arrived in Monaco at 7:30 am.
The Principality's mundane life doesn't let me rest long.

Tonight is the opening of a contemporary furniture show
featuring the work of
Tom Dixon and Mark Brazier-Jones
at Pierre Nouvion's Gallery
(co-curated by Jess Conrieri).

And as every cocktail party it is a great place
to let your fantasy take over
and start discussing your wildest dreams.

Here Tom (left) and Pierre
look like they are exchanging
very deep ideas.

In fact they are just staring at each other
waiting for me to take a snapshot*.

I asked them to act as if they were having
what people usually expect
an artist and a gallerist to do:
exchange deep thoughts
surrounded by the artist's work.

Let's not disturb them
in this fakely private moment.

Spiral Uplighters (1989) by Tom Dixon.

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* Comme Anne Lauvergeon et Francois Mitterrand
pour la photo de la page 50
de l'edition du 7 au 13 juillet 1994 (#56) de Gala
lorsque le president, posant,
s'est exclame: "Faisons semblant de travailler."