Monday July 10th, 1995
Hossegor: Kite Session.

The road between Rocamadour and Hossegor
is a nationale (highway), not an autoroute (interstate).
The most interesting part is in the "departement des Landes"
the D933 (route departementale 933)
east of Mont-de-Marsan.

It is a straight road surrounded by pine trees
that is about 100 km long.

Rocamadour - Hossegor:
350 km, a 5 hours drive.

Albert is at the meeting place
(Rock Food on the beach of Hossegor)
right on time.

I am on the beach with my new kite.

We drive up to "Le Penon" beach
--the Hossegor spot this week--
where Speed (above), Yan, Xoon and Fred "le Pilote"
are surfing the wind with their kites.

The best bodyboard session they had so far
was at sunset yesterday.
Today the weather is only good for flying kites
so we do that until 10:00 pm.

Avis gave me a brand new Audi "A4" tdi (only 97 km!).
This car has a removable back seat
which allows me to lie down with my legs straight
in the back of the car.

It starts raining so I decide to sleep in my rental
rather than put up my tent.

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