Monday July 31st, 1995
Coma Ruga: A 20 hours rest.

We sleep until 10:40.
Feels good.
And rest again at the terrace of a coffee shop
until 2:00 pm.
The room at Iren-Mar was 4500 pesetas.

Ironically enough
one of the cyclist's best friend on the road
is the gas station.
It is there that we get water regularly
(we drink up to 5 liters a day)
and cool down for a few minutes.

From Coma Ruga we ride next to the beach
for about 10 kms.
It is good for the mind
to start a ride in a nice environment.


The lunch at the restaurant "La Font" in Cubelles
is almost as good a deal as yesterday.
(800 pts for 4 courses)
"Un peu plus dans la bouffe de camionneur quand meme."
insiste Speed.


The feeling that I have when visiting Sitges (above)
is similar, yet less strong, to the one I had
the first time I visited Katmandu, Nepal.
The impression that something wild and strong
has happened in this place and has faded away.

A week or so ago
as I was reading in the Pacha book
about the opening of the first Pacha in Sitges in 1966
I asked Ernesto about the place.

"It was the place where we were all."
Now Ernesto is in his late 30's
so he could not have been partying in Sitges in 1966:)
My interpretation of his answer is that
what is still happening in Ibiza
is a continuation of what took place in Sitges
in the late 60's and the 70's.

Sitges ambience is quite close to the one of St. Tropez.
There is a long-term effort of taste in Sitges
that we didn't encounter in other places
along the Spanish coastline.

Beautiful but difficult road trip
Between Sitges and Castelldefels
during which we hit 500 kms.


I'm very careful with my pedaling
and it pays because my knee didn't hurt at all today.

Tonight we sleep on the beach of Castelldefels
hidden by the dunes, but...

yesterday tomorrow