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Sicily 2001
by Andrei Rublev

The original plan


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Tuesday, September 18th

In Guy's home, near Ceva, there is a big wooden beam holding the top part of the fireplace. While staring at the fire I notice the name "GUY LEVY" and the date MCMXXXVI. Although this is my friend's name written in 3-inch letters, the date does not seem to match his birthdate. The letters are so crudely drawn that it makes me wonder if it is a child or a cro-magnon who wrote them.

During a phone conversation I make sure to ask him about this enigma.

"Fuck I did this myself with a hot iron stick. My mother almost killed me when she saw it. I thought it would be a good idea as I had seen that my father had engraved his name on a stone on the wall. For the date, I wanted to write 1986 but I fucked up and forgot an L between the M and the X so it ended-up being my father's birthyear..."

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