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Sicily 2001
by Andrei Rublev

The original plan


19 Grimaldi Lines
20 Excelsior
21 Golden Mosaic
22 Cappuccini
23 Erice's Grid
24 Agrigente
25 Greek Technique
26 Appropriation
27 Mono Country
28 Ruin
29 Cup Design
30 Hotel Suisse

Friday, September 28th

Although I am getting better at putting a date on a ruin like the Segesta temple or the theatre of Syracusa I am usually off by at least a century. This is not a big concern of mine as I am sure that I am just a couple of years off on 99.9% of the ruins found in Sicily. There was no tour bus near that one.

Just before boarding, we are blessed by the fiber optic light-on-the-ground trick, just like in Epcot Center, at the Piazza Castelnuovo in Palermo.

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