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Sicily 2001
by Andrei Rublev

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Wednesday, September 26th

On our way to Syracusa we spend an hour touring Caltagirone and checking out the "famous" steps. We arrive in Syracusa too late to visit the Madona Delle Lacrime which looks like the head of a gigantic missile.

We check into the Gutkowski hotel on the island of Ortygia and chill for a couple of hours before going for a walk on the island.

Ortygia is very pleasant for a late afternoon walk. I am impressed by the Duomo, a cathedral built on a Greek temple. Doric columns are still totally visible inside and outside the cathedral. The cathedral was built around 640 AD on a temple dating around 530 BC. Glad to see that appropriation and re-interpretation is not only the privilege of pomo smart asses.

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