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Sicily 2001
by Andrei Rublev

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20 Excelsior
21 Golden Mosaic
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Golden Mosaic
Friday, September 21st

Visit of the centro storico of Palermo. Many areas were bombed during WWII and are still not rebuilt although a lot of workers are busy in the streets.

The Cathedral and its freightning Crypt.

The golden mosaic is the most impressive part of La Martorana, the bareness of the inside of San Cataldo contrasts with the other building. Those two churches were built next to each other (like ten feet apart) above Piazza Bellini in the twelfth century.

The golden mosaic covers most of the ceiling. Other areas of the ceiling are painted and it is often difficult to determine the treshold between mosaic and paint. On the surface covered by the mosaic all angles are rounded making it look like a thick coat of viscous gold was applied to these areas.

The Albergo Delle Palme has beautiful volumes and extremely bad service; maybe this is the reason why it is not mentionned in the red Michelin guide. Room 343 is Lira 340.000. 306 seems to be very big. 336 is a corner room.

On Via Roma the color scheme of the outside of the Mussolinian "Poste e Telegrafi" building: light grey and (Apple) aqua blue--a light desaturated blue.

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