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Sicily 2001
by Andrei Rublev

The original plan


19 Grimaldi Lines
20 Excelsior
21 Golden Mosaic
22 Cappuccini
23 Erice's Grid
24 Agrigente
25 Greek Technique
26 Appropriation
27 Mono Country
28 Ruin
29 Cup Design
30 Hotel Suisse

Saturday, September 22nd

Monte Pellegrino

Cappuccini Catacombs. Disturbing sight of corpses and skeletons at all stages of decomposition. I am unsettled by the expression of the faces. There is absolutely no smell in there but for some reason I am disgusting myself with the potential odor.

Segesta greek temple on our way to Erice, porous and robust, just the way I like my greek temples, is surrounded by a dreamy 360 degree landscape. Those guys really knew how to pick the spots for their temples...

The last few tissues at the bottom of the box of Kleenex are orange.

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