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Sicily 2001
by Andrei Rublev

The original plan


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Greek Technique
Tuesday, September 25th

Visit of the Temple of Zeus that we missed last night and of the museum in which we get into an argument over the way greek vases were decorated. Genevieve thinks the vases are covered with black and the characters were scrapped-off the black to reveal the terra cotta color. I believe the negative space is painted around the characters.

We then take a series of winding roads to the town of Piazza Armerina. Go directly check out the Imperial Roman Villa (5kms from the city) that has "multicoloured mosaic floors that are unique throughout the Roman world in their quality and extent say Robert Andrews and Jules Brown in "Sicily: the rough guide" (ISBN 1-85828-178-4).

I have to admit that after seeing the mosaics at Nerone's wife's or mistress' (can't remember) villa near Naples, these were pretty impressive.

We find our first Agriturismo just outside Piazza. Savoca would have been a great experience if the owners had been nicer. This seems to be the leitmotiv of this trip... Lira 160.000 included meals.

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