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Sicily 2001
by Andrei Rublev

The original plan


19 Grimaldi Lines
20 Excelsior
21 Golden Mosaic
22 Cappuccini
23 Erice's Grid
24 Agrigente
25 Greek Technique
26 Appropriation
27 Mono Country
28 Ruin
29 Cup Design
30 Hotel Suisse

The original plan
no date either

I rarely follow my plans but this time I just totally changed at the last minute. Here's what was on the menu:

Sep-Oct 2001: Around the Adriatic: Slovenia, Croatia, Italy.

GT's place between Savona and Torino:
- Take Autostrada between Savona and Torino;
- Take the Ceva exit;
- First road on the left;
- 40 meters;
- At the intersection (rond point) take the first small road on the right (towards Malpotremo);
- drive 200m, over the Autostrada;
- while still on the bridge, make the first right;
- you see a few houses;
- take the small uphill road on the left for 20 meters;
- GT's house is hidden at the end of this road.

Tips for Croatia from Michele:
(1) In the north, Krk?? and Pula and a town called Sibenik near Zadar.

(2) In Split, do not swim in the water (only Serbs do). You can take a day ferry to Brac and rent a moped and go to the other side of the island.

(3) I don't remember if it is in Split or Dubrovnik -- there is a street or district called Riva which has "neat" cafes with a good street scene & you can sit outside. Behind the cafes, there is the old town called Grad (that may mean old town) which is good for shopping & restaurants. There is a club disco area called Bacevice.

(4) In Dubrovnik, I rented an apartment in the old town -- however, you can't bring a car into the old town. If you want to do this, go to the bus station and there are people who will bring your luggage with you by cart into the old town so you don't have to carry it.

(5) In Dubrovnik, there is a "Buza" bar -- it is very difficult to find (no name sign -- the only sign says "cold drinks" ) -- carved into a cliff & overlooking the ocean. It's a hole in the wall -- you'll have to ask a local how to get there. It's at the end of the medieval cliff wall. But a must see according to Michele.

(6) There is an island ferry (*I think from Dubrovnik) to an island called Lacruma (sp?) which has botanical gardens & restaurant & neat rocky beach.

(7) Good food is Palacinke (crepes), seafood & particularly squid.

(8) Their equivalent of Grappa (Rakija) is "harsh". (literally & figuratively, I'm sure)

(9) Overall, the coastal drive is absolutely spectacular. If you have a choice of Islands to go to, the ones on the further out ferries tend to be more unspoiled.

(10) Ferries from & to Italy may leave at 4:45 AM. However, you can board the night before and get a cabin instead of getting up early in the morning.

March on Fiume

Sicily (suggested by Alex)
3 days in and around Palermo

- Caterine
- Fernanda

Where to stay: Hotel delle Palme

What to visit:
- Monreale (2 Miles) Basilica Medievale;
- Church of La Martorana and Church San Cataldo (contrast between those two churches); - Spasimo (ex convent) better at night (10 PM);
- Catacombs of Cappuccini;
- Mondello (3 miles) beach and restaurants);
- Clothing store of my friend: "Giglio In" on Piazza Croci;
- Walk on Via Liberta from Piazza Croci to Politeama (good for shopping);
- View of the city from Monte Pellegrino;
- Historical center (Centro Storico).

- F.lli Salanitro (typical sicilian restaurant);
- Focaccieria San Francesco (famous sandwiches with spleen);
- Gelateria Alba, Piazza Leoni. Order: arancine al burro, arancine alla carne and Strawberry/pistachio ice-cream.

- Day 1 West: Greek temple of Segesta (amazing), medieval town of Erice;
- Day 2 East: Cefalu medieval center and beautiful beach;
- Day 3 South: Agrigento and Valley of the Temples.

No pictures w/the plan

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