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Sicily 2001
by Andrei Rublev

The original plan


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20 Excelsior
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23 Erice's Grid
24 Agrigente
25 Greek Technique
26 Appropriation
27 Mono Country
28 Ruin
29 Cup Design
30 Hotel Suisse

Monday, September 24th

Swim in the Sea on our way to Agrigente. I am a bit confused by the set-up of the town, a very compact block of sad post-war buildings up on the hill behind the Valley of the Temples (quite a lot of temples that we visit at sunset) and the non-use of a nice sea shore. We have a drink at a bar entirely made of wood that is falling apart because it was built too close to the water before dinner at a neon-lit trattoria.

We stay at the Michelin recommended (...) which offers a profusion of non-essential features while lacking some basic ones for $200.

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