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Sicily 2001
by Andrei Rublev

The original plan


19 Grimaldi Lines
20 Excelsior
21 Golden Mosaic
22 Cappuccini
23 Erice's Grid
24 Agrigente
25 Greek Technique
26 Appropriation
27 Mono Country
28 Ruin
29 Cup Design
30 Hotel Suisse

Mono Country
Thursday, September 27th

In the Nymphaeum, just above the Teatro Greco, I find one of the inspirations of Allan McCollum's Surrogate series. The Orecchio di Dionigi was carved from top to bottom.

Stunned by the "AVE MARIA" made of gifts from believers at the missile...

Food is generally good but too greasy and salty for our taste.

oil and oil don't mix
with enough salt to levitate the dead
food here is overrated.

Ride from Syracusa to the sourthernmost tip of Sicily (and Italy?) to Gela (as sad as Sciacca). Then north through minimal, monochromatic and unspoiled countryside (east of Corleone) to the Kafara hotel in Santa Elia, half an hour and two capes east of Palermo.

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