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Calparks 2002
by Andrei Rublev


08    Snap Out
09 Dogtown
10 Getty
11 Death Valley
12 Snow
13 Capitan
14 Ahwahnee
15 Napa
16 Opus One
17 Hacker
18 Hollister
19 PCH
20 Jesse James

Saturday, May 18th

Hollister, Ca.

"In 1947 Hollister California, a small farming community located near the beautiful Monterey Bay, 100 miles south of San Francisco, is where a incident of such magnitude took place that it later spawned the cult film "The Wild One", launching Marlon Brando's film career and forever cementing the "Biker" image in American history. It is here in Hollister that bikers won their independence from motorcycle enthusiasts thus making Hollister the birthplace of the American Biker." (http://www.hollisterrally.com)

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