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Calparks 2002
by Andrei Rublev


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Sunday, May 12th

Sequoia National Forest, Ca.

Several signs along the way warn that Sherman pass is closed but we know better... As we arrive at the road to Sherman Pass, already in Sequoia National Forest, the gate that says "ROAD CLOSED" is open. We don't even stop.

Twenty minutes later we have to get down our bikes and push them individually through ten meters of snowy road. Two minutes later we encounter a second one, much bigger. This time it takes us an hour to get the fifteen bikes through.

It's only after this effort and after sending one of us by foot down the road that we realize that there are at least three other big snow stops ahead of us. Seems like those "ROAD CLOSED" signs were not forgotten there from last winter after all. We have to go back and take the long way to tonight's stop.

Thierry tells me, a smile on his face, that we have just started riding motorcycle, meaning that motorcycle rides are meant to be tough.

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