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Calparks 2002
by Andrei Rublev


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09 Dogtown
10 Getty
11 Death Valley
12 Snow
13 Sequoia
14 Yosemite
15 Napa
16 Opus One
17 Hacker
18 Hollister
19 PCH
20 Jesse James

Thursday, May 9th

Santa Monica, CA.

Yesterday in the plane I read about Dogtown. I don't particularly want to skate but emptying random swimming pools to use them as skate parks is stuck in my mind. Makes me want to breathe the air and feel the heat that those kids live(d) in.

Strolling through the bleak streets of Santa Monica I find signs of this "Dogtown" production everywhere. I acknowledge my touristude and get a fake (henna) tattoo...

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