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Calparks 2002
by Andrei Rublev


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Napa Valley
Wednesday, May 15th

Napa Valley, Ca.

Going West, a beautiful downhill from Yosemite. The roads of the flat piece of land from the bottom of the mountain to the hills before Napa Valley is long, not particularly interesting and a little dangerous.

We drop our bags in the wonderful house which will be ours for the next two days before rushing to Cakebread winery for our 6pm tastingwinery visit and dinner. I'm very impressed with the wine served at Cakebread. Not sure if it has to do with a lack of perspective after those five days of riding...

This peaceful house has generous proportions. It is built and furnished with common materials such as painted wood, carpet and linoleum which I am surprised to enjoy. No design trick, no pretention, just common sense and down to earth comfort. The refrigerator is half full, there are bottles of wine in the dining room and fresh fruits and flowers in many rooms.

I can see the main road from my bedroom windows but for some reason it feels very quiet. The bedrooms are located in opposite parts of the house providing privacy. The dining table is of generous

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