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Calparks 2002
by Andrei Rublev


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Getty Center
Friday, May 10th

Santa Monica, Ca.

Just off of 405 the Getty Center is a good surprise. Richard Meier's architecture uses sharp angles and well defined areas. Shapes in the outdoor gardens and even water flows are tightly controlled.

At the bottom of a 10 feet high waterfall an archipellago of parallelepipedic rocks stops the white water and breaks the waves.

There is less than 1/2 inch between the train car and the platform. The change of color and surface indicating the border of the platform is made of stone (in NYC it is often made of yellow plastic although I have seen bumpy platform borders made of ceramic).

The border of the steps of outdoor stairs, usually covered with non-slippery stickers is also made of stone, incrusted into the lighter stone of the step.

Iron structures make trees out of bougainvillers.

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