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Calparks 2002
by Andrei Rublev


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09 Dogtown
10 Getty
11 Death Valley
12 Snow
13 Capitan
14 Ahwahnee
15 Napa
16 Opus One
17 Hacker
18 Hollister
19 PCH
20 Jesse James

Opus One
Thursday, May 16th

Napa Valley, Ca.

Opus One winery is loaded with inspiring details sometimes difficult to recognize in the ocean of pretention. The vines that follow the road at the entrance of the property circle around the olive trees.

The highlight of the visit is the underground room in which the wine of the previous year is stored. Of course much technical attention has been given to this room such as constant temperature and humidity but aesthetics have not been left behind. The room is curved and all the barrels are arranged following this curve. Like a command post, a small closed tasting room is in the center of this curve.

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