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Disorient 02
by Andrei Rublev

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Welcome Home
Friday, August 23th, 2002

Black Rock City, NV. Two days before the beginning of the Burning Man festival.

After spending a couple of days shopping in Reno, we finally arrive in Black Rock Desert. We're home again, delighted to see and feel our beloved Playa and Black Rock City, still scarcely populated. Some Disorienters are already on Esplanade and 255 degree, our address this year.

The long virtual preparation is about to be transformed into physical reality. We start drawing circles at scale one.

The flags wešre using for defining the areas of the camp sport the logo of Home Depot. This doesn't comply with Burning Man etiquette. Leo: "we should ask someone to paint over them; i have orange paint!" We look around, no one's here. The hand will do for now.

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