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by Andrei Rublev

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The Burn
Saturday, August 31th, 2002

The night of the Burn is usually a reflective one for me. Once again Disorient 2002 doesn't follow the expected path.

After wandering for a long time around the burned area I decide to check out this loud camp on the other side of the Playa before heading back to Disorient. The music is really loud and really good. The bright display in front of that camp really looks like Firmament. Wow, Leo has inspired someone here...

As I get closer to the camp I realize that I am looking at Firmament and that I was a bit disoriented after orbiting the remains of the Man. The Bass puts the dancefloor on fire and on its knees with the definitive house mix of the week.

From the Playa the camp looks like a war zone. The dust coming from the ground through the lights looks like a massive burning spot. This is home!

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