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Disorient 02
by Andrei Rublev

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Wednesday, August 28th, 2002

After several days of hard work the camp finally reaches full party mode. There is no telling who is doing what and who is doing who. We have now forgotten about time and fully surrendered to the Black Rock City call.

Friends pass-by and swap Disorienters away for mini and maxi adventures. Some disappear for days. When the multi-media/sensorial marvels of the Playa don't reveal themselves they are revealed by empowered guides such as Maxi-Priest and our Darling LadyBee.

Welcome to "the best art in the world" as some people boldly describe Burning Man. Leviathan and the Swimmer are my two favorite installations. VIBs (Very Involved Burners) eventually meet at the Duck (Amazing Larry's Quack Club).

Wednesday stays true to its reputation as the week's deepest party, the night of The Big Sharing (a fire in which a couple of hundred virgins are burned every year), when bubbles start inflating...

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