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by Andrei Rublev

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Friday, August 30th, 2002

The Midget truck broke down on our way back from the storage at the beginning of the week. Today is the second time I go to Gerlach to call the rectal company. A real pain in the farce.

Gerlach phones have a mind of their own. The least capricious one is hidden in a corner of the last bar in town as you go towards Black Rock City. I did time there virtually visiting the intricate network of Budget help center. I call it Midget MOO.

I receive many presents today including a couple of Quack Club gambling chips from Slim, a pendant from LadyBee and a Burning Man doublon from Leo. I pass a gambling chip along.

Bee and I go to a couple of performances, do some trampoline and have Japanese food with Vincent at David Best's camp.

The front part of Best's camp is built with the same material (recycled wood) as his Temple of Joy and his bus. It is a Japanese open space housing multi-level tatami-inspired surfaces.

It is Friday so I put on my wedding dress, my NY house eyepieces and my Hello Kitty hat as we get ready to hit the playa for another adventure. We start with the Oregon party.

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