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Ibiza 2002
by Andrei Rublev


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CoCoLoCo at Amnesia
Wednesday, June 19th

There's a bit of confusion about where the party is going to be tonight. I think it's a very good sign because it means that the entire island is not raging 24/7, which is reassuring, but also because one has to be kind of be in the loop to find the right party which keeps the quality of clubbers high. Yeah, knowledge is power or at least in our case knowledge provides good partying.

It is already daytime when we enter Amnesia. I won't fill-up your screen with superlatives, just know that this is another party that earned 20/20 on my charts. Amnesia is a big rectangular arena into which a fat silver pipe located in a corner above the dancefloor ejaculates a cool breeze which deeps a good third of the dancefloor into and Alien-movie-type atmosphere every five minutes or so. People around me think it is chilled oxygen. And the beat goes on. Have a nice day.

Check out Nightfiles.org for more pictures of this party.

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