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Ibiza 2002
by Andrei Rublev


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Tuesday, June 18th

Ibiza is famous for day clubbing. "Space, the day-club" is the current flagship of this tradition. DC-10 (Mondays until 6pm) and the newcomer Pin-Up are following this tradition big time. They open when the sun comes up and I was told that they eventually close although I have never witnessed a closing.

Now the house music at Space outdoors is not the soup that was served at ManuMission. It is the kind of house that will lift you above the dancefloor and never let you down again. You have to make an effort or your body temperature has to remind you that it is time for a drink, a break or, nothing to be ashamed of... bed.

I am the first to admit that taste is an individual matter but a dead guy suggested a couple of centuries ago that there was something that moved all human beings in a common way. He called it "sublime" and gave examples such as waves breaking on a rocky shore and tall mountains. Well I believe this house music is up there with the waves and the mountains. Before you throw the first stone please go rage at Space on a Tuesday around Noon after a night out.

For some reason I keep thinking: "Space, where time becomes a loop." Check out Nightfiles.org for more pictures of this party.

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