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Ibiza 2002
by Andrei Rublev


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Monday, June 17th

OK. Ibiza's got my attention again. ManuMission at Privilege, especially the after party at CoCoLoCo, one of Privilege's sub-clubs, is simply one of the best party I have ever been to.

Although big and advertised all around the island as "the largest club in the world" backed by a Guiness (not the beer) logo the venue is not particularly impressive from a New Yorker's perspective. It's not the music either (at least at Privilege), it is the crowd that raises the standards. It makes sense. We clubbers are on this island for one big reason: party our ass off and eventually take some sun.

There's also the "locals" factor. Most of the ones who populate the clubs have moved to this island because they simply wanted to party better and, at the same time, stay in touch with nature. A good cocktail if you ask me.

Check out Nightfiles.org for more pictures of this party.

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