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Past trips:

Aug 15 to Nov 5, 2004: NYC-LA-NYC in the EyePod.

Aug 25 to Sep 1, 2003: Reorient at Burning Man.

Aug-Sep 2002: Disorient at Burning Man.

Jun 2002: Ibiza Dance Music and Finca.

May 2002: California Parks 2000 Miles motorcycle ride in central California.

Sep 2001: Sicily Nine days touring the island.

Sep. 11, 2001: America Under Attack: A New Yorker's Account
Live from New York.

Aug-Sep 2001: Disorient at Burning Man
Nine days on the playa wearing orange T-shirts and mylar.

April 2001: Costa-Rica
Eight days between the forest and the Pacific.

Aug-Sep 2000: Burning Man
Five days on the playa.

June 2000: Sonar
Three days and three nights at the 7th International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art in Barcelona.

April 2000: Laughlin River Run
A four-day motorcycle trip from Los Angeles to Laughlin, Nevada... with sixty thousand bikers.

February 2000: California Dream
A slide show by Glorianna Carbone Jr.

Summer 1999: California, Nevada
2 weeks - 2220 miles in California and Nevada.

June 1999: Sonar in Barcelona
4 days - a couple of QuickTime VR movies.

March 1999: Motoneige in Quebec
1200 Kms - 1 week - 9 snowmobiles.

November 1997: Fishing in Madagascar
A week on the island of Nosy Be (in French).

Fall 1996: Tuesday Night Skates
Four nights skating in NYC.

Summer 1996: Inside the French Riviera
Three months in South of France and Monaco.

Summer 1995: The first Jet Log
Hawaii, Japan, Bali, France, Ibiza, Spain.

Planning for the next trip:

May/Jun 2005
Shanghai with Anakin Koenig.

Aug/Sep 2005
Drive from New York City to Nevada and back in the EyePod.

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Future trips:
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Places I'd like to visit (again) in no specific order:
- Machu Pichu.
- Greenland.
- Tokyo, Japan.
- Hokkaido, Japan.
- Easter Island.
- Micronesia.
- Shanghai.
- Galapagos Islands.
- Costa Rica.
- Berlin.
- Moscow.
- Skeleton Coast, Namibia.
- Tuscany.

Things I'd like to do:
- Two months driving through Canada and Alaska.
- Drive my 1981 Land-Rover through Africa.
- Go fly-fishing in Ireland or Iceland.
- Wake up one morning, choose a direction and start walking.
- Follow Summer around the globe.
- Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Modes of transportation I'd like to use more often:
- Trans-Siberian Train.
- BMW R1100R.
- Vespa.
- Land-Rover.
- EyePod.
- My feet.
- My bicycle.
- Sailboat.
- In-line skates.

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