Andrei Rublev

Martini: Dirty
Ice-cream: Vanilla Fudge
ChapStick Color: Black
Color: 003333
Techno: Minimal
Age: 36
Subway Line: F
Choir: Red Army
Activity: Jet Log

Jet Log:

Since 1995 I share most of my travelling experiences on the web. I create a page per day during my trips. This is not an exhaustive presentation of the spaces that I visit but a first-person presentation of one detail per day. Details are easy to find as we are bombarded by them all the time. It is just a matter of deciding which one is worth sharing. My definition of travel is very broad. It goes from a world tour to the tour of my neighbourhood.

Every day during a trip I take pictures and write notes about things and people that I find noticeable. At the end of the day I take a couple of minutes to make a recap of my experiences and I choose the one to present on the Jet Log page for that day. When I have a laptop with me I create the page that very day and I upload it. If I don't I just wait for my trip to be over to create the Jet Log for that trip.

I want people to participate to my Jet Log for instance by suggesting ideas for the next trip or places to see, people to visit or ways to travel. The list of ways to participate is very open. I feel lucky to be able to travel, lucky to be able to afford it and lucky to be physically potent. I created Jet Log in the first place because sharing my experience allowed me to live it to a fuller extent and eventually to re-live some aspects of it.

I also like the idea of having someone else travel virtually through me, through my own experiences. Most of the time I travel with a friend. I would like to start travelling with a virtual companion, a friend that would not be travelling physically with me but with whom I would be in daily contact. I'm thinking for instance having my companion decide what kind of details I should be looking for in the travel that we would be doing together. What would I gain from that? The opportunity to get another perspective, view the world from an unusual angle, rediscover it, be unsettled.

Oh yes, and I suffer from jet lag.
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