Tuesday Night Skate: the unofficial site by Andrei.
Last update: Saturday March 15th, 1997.

  • Prospect Park by the Brooklyn bridge (September 10th, 1996).
  • Dairy Queen New Jersey by the George Washington bridge (October 1st, 1996).
  • Queens by Roosevelt Island (October 15th, 1996).
  • Christmas lights in Manhattan (December 3rd, 1996).

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    On 12-07-96 pxr5 at webspan.net (Rob Whiting) said:

    You make me sort of wish I lived in NYC.

    On 12-12-1996 lozada at pipeline.com (Leo Lozada) said:

    I love, love, love Flyvision's coverage of Tuesday Night
    Skates (TNS). The photos are great, but the running commentaries
    are wonderful. They entertain while eliciting fond memories of the skates.

    BTW: How do you keep from sweating too much on a cold TNS?
    I can definitely use some advice! So far the only time I didn't
    oversweat is when I underdressed on a windy, below 30 degree TNS.
    That night I froze everytime we stopped for a skating break.
    I don't recommend underdressing as a solution to oversweating
    on a cold night. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Leo.

    It took me a few skates to realize that if I didn't want to sweat (too much)
    I just had to stop (read: control my instincts) when the fastest skaters of
    the group start to accelerate.

    For instance when I'd rather not sweat, I skate at a comfortable pace along
    20th Ave in Queens instead of following the craze.