feels good

July 13, 1998

Today I received this sumptuous collection of photographs from JJ. I suspect JJ has had the good taste of exhibiting his eloquent body in each of them (no, no... You won't find naked-JJ-pictures here). Name of the photograph is not mentionned (Hey who care? Not true JJ?). These marvels were attached to a somewhat commercial message that had not enough guts, not enough mindsulting, to be included in my very selective trash can.

[ 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 ]

JJ has a remarkable "sens de l'a propos" and offers a delightful presentation of himself, apparently in vacation, in the streets of some downtown (who said Atlanta?). The day is glorious and his face reflects supreme enjoyment. What a courage. Well done JJ.

01 was even sent twice. How thoughtful of you JJ.

You're my Knight.

God Jenny, you're so lucky. Where d'you find all these gems. JJ is ready for gold.
Adid - Feb 23, 1999

Geez. Makes me think that I have a daughter to marry.
John Franks - Feb 18, 1999

A nice piece of ass like JJ. Sure could use it for my sister's wedding's cake.
punkgrrl - Feb 17, 1999

Saw you on CNN (the Web thang with all the MTV NYC gang). I don't understand what JJ wants but I don't care. Cheese.
xlthreeD - Feb 17, 1999

Hold it right there. Don't move JJ. 03 is YOU.
mouse - Feb 12, 1999

Fuck dat bitch. Don't tell me you know da guy... He reaally look like a krazy madafaka. But how fun... he is when he deconstructs himself!
MandM - Dec 03, 1998

JJ is a treat for the mind.
Lenny F - Dec 02, 1998

Send me email as soon as you get a thank you note from JJ.
paul - Nov 03, 1998

Hi Jen,
Brenda here. Don't tell me you didn't sleep with the guy.
Adam - Nov 01, 1998

Rosted JJ. Take care. Be good. Happy holidays.
Nice Morsell - Sep 21, 1998