Sent: 01-27-1998 1:25 AM
From: realbold@aol.com

She has no secret. Her whole mind is open like a book. She's obviously desperately in need of the TV Guide and a big bag of pop corn.
Sent: 02-02-1998 9:45 AM
From: jsm098@msn.com

Linda wants Bambi to find her and play with her. She wants him to think she's his mother. Her problem is that she wants to be an object in a virtual world. It keeps her awake at night thinking of Bambi and of the big forest fire. That day Bambi's father left for Vietnam or was it for a car race in Daytona?

Sent: 01-28-1998 7:17 PM
From: moremotion@motion.com

In fact Linda is the big bad wolf who wants any little red hooded girl who might pass by to think he's a woman wandering in the woods but this might not work because nowadays girls wearing red stuff just know not to techno for an answer.

Sent: 01-23-1998 3:34 PM
From: Proctor004@aol.com

She's a little blind and she thinks standing like that on the border of the highway will get her back to the Valley.
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