I'm Guy

Subject: Cindy the woman with those
long nipples and her husband Frank
Sent: 01-28-1998 6:15 PM
From: Patanic888@aol.com

I came to this sight some time ago
and saw Cindy here, is she any where
that you know of?

Sent: 01-25-1998 12:46 AM
From: Curt566@aol.com

say homie yo shit is phat!
check it out , i'm new to
the game so kick down some
knowledge about this icq
shiznit, hit at my e-mail
address asap

later, peace out!

Sent: 01-25-1998 12:35 AM
From: Lik2peek@aol.com

This is Linda
hope you will feature her
it gets us both hot


Sent: 12-28-1997 6:13
From: J7798OU@webtv.net

Why should I have to insult you?
You seem to do it well enough on your own.


Sent: 12-03-1997 19:06
From: oliw@nirvanet.net

Mentos face!
answers are welcome.

Olivier Wauters

Subject: dick head
Sent: 11-22-1997 13:35
From: thierryc@webbar.fr