Lost and found.

Images and texts received through email (read junk mail) recontextualized.

At the beginning of 1998 there's been a wave of junk mail with naked pictures (mostly women of course) attached to them. Linda was one of the first one I received and was quite unsettling, therefore inspiring.

In a world where community building is the plane to catch I decided to do community assembly. Communities are already all around us. It is just a matter of opening our eyes and grabbing them. I find that creating new ones, like creating new objects, is on the verge of the unethical.

Feels good is an outlet of junk mail, a place where people who send images of them through e-mail can feel at home, a place where people who want to discuss other people's email fantasy can feel relaxed. A recycling bin for a niche of junk email. Of course it is purposeless.

Jenny Mac Carthy

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