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17 satur-day

The highlight of this final sonar de día is Coil at Sonar Macba, appropriately set in the place of worship represented by the converted cathedral. The line starts to form more than an hour before showtime, but as soon as the doors open the faithful push forward through the bottleneck into the sauna of Coil's cult closing ceremony. The group's climaxing stage performance is like a parody of Genesis P-Orridge's two days before in Escenario Hall, but this time there are no technical failures and the audience is electrified.

Q: Quelle a été votre émotion principale?
A: interview.mp3 (5.2 Mb)

17 satur-night

The last sonar de noche is a giant rave. However limited entry and ultra-violet ticket scans have reduced the crowd to a comfortable size, and even Richie Hawtin can be spotted circulating freely among the bumper cars.

After moving to the beats of Luke Slater, Mannequin Lung, Zombie Nation and Jamón, three days and three nights have expired, and it's time to go home. Meanwhile the party rages on for the ravers, but in the morning sun their dilated pupils are blissfully serene, and their indefatigable bodies are still dancing as we walk out past Sonar Chic at 8am.

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