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16 fri-day

Our bio-rhythms are now in phase with the festival pulse, and today's programme leaves us breathless as we dash between venues. Burnt Friedman "does his thing" in the Village, SpeedyJ provokes a unanimously fiery response to his audio-visual set in the underground CCCB Hall. After emerging from the smoking crowd for a gasp of air, some of us dive back in to witness the noisy destruction of V.V.E., while others follow their feet to the lounge chairs of Sonar Lab to indulge their ears in the music of WARP played by Steve Beckett. At the end of the day Merzbow's wall of sound in the Macba chapel is so overwhelming that those of us who stay have no choice but to abandon all other senses and submit to the experience.

16 fri-night

The night begins with the abstract tones of Autechre igniting the minimalist Sonar Chic, followed by the DJ expertise of Plastik superstar Richie Hawtin who succeeds in dynamiting the stadium-sized Club for over two hours.

While we all enjoy revelling in this pagan sound and fury, the increase in attendance from both yesterday and night is somewhat alarming, as we often lose each other in the sea of people. In short, we regret the absence of a "waterhole" where we can reunite peacefully around a drink from an oasis of silence.