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15 thurs-day

Some stay at Paul's, some stay at the Expo Hotel. It's hot, around 30 degrees. What is striking about this first day at the entrance of the festival is the crowd - much bigger than last year's. We all wander around, getting a grip on our senses. We already know it will take a day for us to sync with the event.

The good thing about Sonar is that it delivers a broad range of emotions. The bad thing is that it takes a lot more discipline for the public to concentrate on any one event. This was obvious with Sonar Macba, this year's new spot, as the restlessness of the audience dominated the minimal tones of Sachiko M. and Otomo Yoshihide.

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15 thurs-night

All the night sound systems are far superior to the day ones. Sonar Club is huge, and Marc Almond looks very small on stage. The Park venue with its new big tent is pleasant, and even from afar the clean rocky sound of Death in Vegas moves everyone. Groovy vibes at the Pub, where you need to be close to the stage. The night goes by nicely. Tomorrow's line-up looks better... we have high expectations.