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by Andrei Rublev  Sunday, September 5th.

From collaboration to community. Meta collaborative art. Black Rock City 1999: population almost 23,000.

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Sense of being welcome. A dense mix of tents and and motor vehicles organized in circle. Feeling of ease. A lot of dust. Dust flies when vehicles move. A quiet area and a "loud" one. A lot of techno for not a techno event. Nice mix of people. Representants from all the social classes. At 4 in the afternoon the cracked ground of the Playa is not hot.

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Leaving Burning Man was another story. Took us three hours to get out on the road. Even in a Burning Man traffic jam people cut the line. The limits of self control is not far from being reached. Radio Free Burning Man (99.5 FM) distributes traffic updates and plastic bags so we can "leave no trace."

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A sign just before leaving the Playa:
Lighten your load.
Do your drugs now or leave them.

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Another one attached to the handlebar of a bicycle: "I lost my dog."

Although the concept of Burning Man is quite simple it is difficult to describe the actual event to people around me. It was just too rich, and unlike any experience I've ever had. The participants bring the concept further. Isn't it always the case with collaborative art?

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It's nice to go to a 20,000+ event and not come back with a pre-printed T-shirt. I miss my T-shirt but I like missing it. Leave no trace (except your footprints).

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