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Koa's Twilight Zone
by Andrei Rublev  Thursday, August 26th.

From Sequoia to San Bernardino. Go South to Lake Isabella. We had planned to stay the night there but the place looked too depressing. We decide to keep driving. Pass through the California desert with a great view as we go down 178 before hitting 395. 395 takes us for a long ride through the desert.

As we arrive at the Koa campground of San Bernardino we regret not to have stayed on the shore of the low-water lake with the fishermen and their RVs. Unlike in the National Parks RVs are parked very close to each other. Intimate moments such as opening your door in the morning and dinner preparation are shared with the community. All the RVs have their blinds down and the place is very quiet. I have the feeling of being observed. What am I doing here?

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