Esplanade and Sacred (10:00), Black Rock City, Nevada
August 25 to September 1, 2003

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Urban Plan - [Map of BRC 2003]
Architect: The Eye
Crew: Rachael, Nathan, Tejawe, Ryan, Orion.

General view (perspective) and plan of the latest version of the urban plan of the Reorient camp at Burning Man 2003.

The camp will be assembled and disassembled in several stages so it is operational for the longest period possible. For example, the Dome's sound system will be installed first outside on Friday Aug. 22 then moved into the Dome when the bigger sound system arrives and the Dome is built.

Scaffold components for the Wall:
- 8 frames of 5'W x 3'H
- 104 frames of 5'W x 5'H
- 104 cross braces of 10' for 5' frames
- 8 cross braces of 10' for 3' frames
- 30 planks of 10'

Evolution of the plan:
- Dandelion: deconstruction of the wall (one of the camp's core elements);
- 02: synthesis of several proposals submitted by members of Reorient earlier this year, added the Chamber, the wall is broken down into pieces but remains visually coherent from the Man's perspective;
- 03: corner camp scenario, less permeable separation between public and private spaces;
- 04: created wall-stage, added light installations (Firmament, VU);
- 06: replaced trailer (casino) with 2 RVs, adjusted VU, moved Glen's bus closer to Josh's RV, redesigned dj backstage;
- 07: changed speakers orientation, added more speakers, reconfigured the dancefloor, removed wall-stage
- 08: moved the bar, tighten the public space which is still huge, tighten the private circle, positive and negative spaces are now more qualified
- 081: removed Firmament, detailed Eye Pod, rectified Chamber placement, adjusted mesh width, adjusted bar gogo platform, placed utility truck, added names

Map of BRC 2003
BRC urban plan growth


Come early to Burning Man and/or stay late so you can help assemble and disassemble the many parts of this plan.

Share ideas/ suggestions/ comments with the PLAN Special Interest Group.

Ask questions about your placement here.

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