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Life On DisOrient by Bacchus
Urban plan
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Different stages of urban planning: [01] [02] [03] [05] [051] [06] [X] [actual].

Disorient 2002 is a big rectangle of 200"x300" at the corner of Esplanade and 255 degree, next to Asylum. The camp is divided in two parts: public and private.

The public part of the camp is composed of two big Arenas which serve as both performance space and communal roads. There will be another L-shaped road at the border of Disorient and Asylum.

The circular shapes of the Arenas are defined by the vehicles of the participants. Vehicles will park close to each other (leaving just enough room to open the doors) on the border of either of those circles on a first-come-first-served basis.

This design gives a large majority of Disorienters the opportunity to be equally part of the center of the camp. There is enough room in those two circles to have the majority of the vehicles of the participants on the front row. All public Disorient activities take place inside those Arenas.

There is a loud Arena (towards the Man, just behind the Wall) with the Dome, the Stage, the Sound System and the Lake--a large outdoor space between the Wall and the Dome--and a quieter Arena with the Lounge where only electric-free public events take place (acoustic guitar, massage, etc.). Both Arenas are connected by a tight corridor defined by two RVs.

Participants placing their vehicle on the loud Arena circle are asked to do two things:
1. cover the part of the vehicle that is facing the Dome with mylar/painted-camouflage-net;
2. use the window facing the Dome as a screen (stretch a piece of light-colored fabric outside the window) on which slides or video are/is projected from inside the vehicle. (wagonCorral by Eric McDougal)

One of the main issue is to give easy access to the water truck and grey water pump to every RV. This plan allows each RV to pull into any of the two Arenas while being serviced. It also gives access to Disorient from 255 degree.

The two Arenas can also be seen as the present (loud, electric/tronic, mylar, video) and the past (soft, acoustic, candles). The overall shape of urban_plan.06 is reminiscent of an hourglass in which people would be a grains of sand flowing between past and present, and sometimes passing through the glass in search of a quiet place to take a well-deserved nap...

The private part of the camp is all the space left between the outside of the Arenas and the limit of the Disorient lot. This is where Disorienters set-up their quarters (tents, etc.).

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