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New Identity FAQ

Q: A friend of mine created an new identity by forging a birth certificate. That was two years ago and so far it's worked fine.
A: Unfortunately, an identity based on a forged birth certificate is of limited value. If you need a new social security number (required by federal law to get a normal job) forged documents won't get the job done. To get a new social security number issued, you'll need a genuine, officially-issued birth certificate which can be verified by the issuing authorities. To improve your odds even further you'll need "new" parents who have verifiable birth certificates. However, an identity based on a forged birth certificate and a forged baptismal certificate can be very useful as a quick, transitional identity to be used while you're waiting to receive your genuine ID documents. Using forged documents you can get a genuine drivers license the same day, so this approach can be extremely useful when you're in a hurry. Our report discusses the easiest and most reliable way to accomplish this feat.

Q: I've purchased several books that promised to provide everything I needed to create a new identity. Most of them were rip-offs. I didn't learn anything I could use.
A: Despite all the glowing promises in their ads, most of today's identity changing publications contain little or no really useful information. The only publication that's worth it's price is one that clearly states that it will provide everything you need to create a completely new identity in an entirely new name backed up by a full range of genuine, officially-issued ID documents. Most of the new identity reports on the market are just watered down versions of the same old dead-infant “Paper Chase” technique. Not worth much these days. Ariza Research's "How to Create a New Identity" is one of the few publications that gives you a workable system that can be used to create an entirely new identity. Ours is one of the few reports that can honestly make such a bold promise. We give you a complete step-by-step process that will reliably create a fresh new identity without any need to hang around cemeteries.

Q: I'm 42 years old and need to change my social security number. My friends tell me it's impossible. Are they right?
A: Your friends are wrong. You can get the social security administration to issue you a brand new card with a new number but the application process is a bit of a mine field. Done correctly, everything will go smoothly. One wrong move and you'll have FBI agents knocking at your front door! Not only does the application require verifiable birth certificates on yourself and both of your "new" parents, the form also requires a daytime contact phone number. To be successful, you need to know how to handle these traps. In addition, regulations require that applicants over the age of 18 appear in person for a "personal interview" (Avoid this interview at all costs, no matter how great an actor you are - it can turn into a real inquisition!). You should also be aware that the level of security in social security offices around the country has recently been drastically increased so simply getting up and walking out is no longer an option. Armed FPS (Federal Protective Service) police officers are now permanently stationed in most offices. To make matters worse, many offices require that you leave your drivers license at the door just to get in! The only way to approach this process is to apply by mail using the technique discussed in “Changing Your Identity”. We'll show you how to create a completed application that will blend in with the hundreds of other applications they receive each day. Properly prepared, your  application will slide through the application process completely unnoticed.

Q: I've seen classified ads from outfits that sell fake IDs like birth certificates and even drivers licenses. Are these any good?
A: No, they're a blatant scam and of no use whatever in establishing a new identity. Ten years ago you could purchase all sorts of really high-quality fakes (including blank Social Security cards) but recent federal laws have made it all but impossible to legally sell anything that even remotely looks like a genuine document. I've purchased several of these ID cards from ads that promised that their product "looks just like a real drivers license!" Instead they look like they were made by children! Most of their customers are teenagers who need ID in order to get into bars. Don't waste your money.

Q: I've tried to get birth certificates but the clerks are real jerks! They act like they're doing you a favor just to talk to you and refuse to give me a document even when I have all the required documents! At this rate it's going to take me forever to put together a new identity.
A: Unfortunately this is a common problem. Always remember that the vital record files are, according to federal law, public records. Over the years various courts have supported the right of citizens to have access to these records despite whatever restrictions arrogant local officials attempt to impose. Also, few identity-changers are aware that there's a rich and powerful world-wide organization that regularly takes uncooperative vital record clerks to court to force them to release records. Several dozen clerks have lost their jobs and pensions after losing one of these suits. All you have to do is mention this powerful organization in an unthreatening way and BINGO, you get instant cooperation! The information you need is discussed in our report.

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