• Browser preference.

    You should be able to experiment PALIMPSEST with any Web browser supporting the HTML 3.2 specifications. Every page on Flyvision.org is tested with the latest Netscape browser.

    Please let us know if you have any problem viewing any part of this site.

  • Browser's window width.

    For best viewing of this site your browser's window should be at least 550 pixels wide. That is approximately the width of your head from one ear to the other (applies to human beings only) on most monitors. Note that this description doesn't take into account the ability to change your monitor's resolution.

  • Link exchange.

    Every artist working on PALIMPSEST is willing to create a reciprocal link to the sites of the people (you) who collaborate to an art project presented on PALIMPSEST. All you have to do is ask the artist to create the link when you send your submission. It is always a good idea to HTMLize your submission to make the link creation easier.

    Links will not be created if a submission to an art work residing on PALIMPSEST is not sent. In other words if you want a link to your site you have to become a player.

    This policy was installed to avoid the creation of reciprocal links with other sites, often commercial, which don't share our (fly)vision and to encourage individual sites and efforts on the Web. Another idea behind this policy is to decentralize the links by incorporating them deeper into the content of the site and give the Web surfer a smoother wave to ride.

  • There is no reason to use media with incredible potential if we don't unleash this potential. There is no reason to use the rigid aesthetic of good old conceptual art if we want to expand the art audience and involve it into creation. There is no reason to make boring and elitist art any longer.

  • All info on this site is AntiŠ 1994-98 Flyvision unless differently specified.

  • "What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence."
    Wittgenstein, Ludwig. Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. (first published in 1921) London, England: Routledge and Kegan Paul Ltd, 1988. Page 74)

  • "The single serious idea in the bunch [postmodernism] is that modern art has been institutionalized to function as a decoy, a lure, causing people to turn away from effective politics and to concentrate their energies on an endless mimetic reproduction of the institutional definition of the artistic."
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